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Market Leading Brands

We import and distribute the highest quality sports nutrition, apparel and accessories from the USA and Europe, with a focus on growing these brands in Australia.

Efficient Warehousing

Same day delivery, complete seamless communication.

Incredible Service

King Sports Industries hires the leading staff to service all your enquires and business needs. You’ll never be overlooked when dealing with us.

We Grow Your Business, Which In Turn Grows Ours

We are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve our company and the accounts we deal with. If you want to improve your business and see it start to thrive, we want to help you achieve that, not just from the products we provide but by working with you in other capacities to make it succeed. We are an industry leader in helping our accounts improve their businesses so don’t be afraid to reach out to see how this can be achieved.

Ten Great Things About King Sports

  • Our Team. We pride ourselves on communication and working together to bring you the best service and products possible.
  • We believe we can help to make Australia a fitter and healthier nation.
  • If you can’t move it, we’ll swap it. That’s our stock swap guarantee.
  • Our drive to bring the latest and most research proven products to the market.
  • Providing a positive outlook for your business with our passion and determination.
  • Always striving to be a leader in the industry.
  • We pride ourselves on delivering desired results.
  • Wanting to get better at what we do every single day.
  • Showing our accounts the support and help they need through continuous sampling and promo days.
  • We love seeing our accounts grow their business!